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Chapter 4: Beginning the Black Chateau

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! When are they going to find Dimitri?! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Ratchet thunked his head against the side of the wall near Bentley's computer, being very, very bored.

"Why don't you go on that site you like? Brigand, right?" Sly asked Ratchet. Ratchet stopped thunking his head and looked to Sly.

"I've done it all."


"Highest score."

"Thieving games?"


"What about instachat?"

"My only buddy said she's going offline for a while and won't be back on till the day after tomorrow."


"The only thing I want there is 200 coins which I don't have." Ratchet resumed thunking his head against the wall. Murray came up to Ratchet and stopped her from getting a concussion by positioning his hand between Ratchet's head and the wall.

"Please stop Ratchet. You're giving me a headache," said Murray. Ratchet stopped thunking his head and rubbed it. He turned his momentary attention towards the computer. Dimitri's profile was displayed on it.

"How'd you guys get a hold of Dimitri's profile?" Ratchet asked them.

"I had to call in a few favors to get the goods on the Klaww gang's local operator," Sly explained, "Dimitri, a sort of underworld celebrity; equally at home in high-class art circles and shady back alley crimes. He was once a passionate young art student who worked hard to develop his own visionary style. Unfortunately the art world wasn't quiet ready for his kinetic aesthetic. So he gave them what they wanted and started forging old masterpieces, his way of punishing those with bad taste. Dimitri now owns a nightclub on the west side. The thumping music, the colorful lightshows, and a hint of danger lure in sheik, young patrons from far and wide. And it's here, hidden somewhere, where we'll find the Clockwerk Tail Feathers. What Dimitri wants with the Clockwerk parts is beyond me but those plans end tonight."

"This sounds like something from the Fiendish Five from two years ago," Ratchet commented as he looked at Dimitri ugly face on the monitor. The Gang peered up at him for a moment, but none said a word as it would have related to his life and he would tell them about it when he was ready to.

"But this time, we're going to destroy the Clockwerk parts for good," said Sly. Murray tightened his gloves, Bentley cocked his crossbow, and Sly grabbed his cane. Ratchet was the only one without a weapon of some sort. He stared at the ground, disappointed that he would miss out on the fun.

"This came in the mail for you, Ratchet," said Murray, handing his a square, brown, unmarked package. Ratchet grabbed the package and wobbled a bit.

"This is a little heavy," he said. Ratchet put the package on the floor and saw that it was firmly taped shut.

"Let me help you with that," said Sly. He sliced away the tape on the package with his cane. Ratchet lifted the flaps of the box and peered inside. His eyes widened.

"This is…the same costume from Thiefnet…" Ratchet brought out the attire and immediately put it on. He looked just like a striped orange cat. Ratchet looked at himself and jumped with excitement. He ended up hitting the ceiling.

"Ow! What the?"

"The costume gives you a higher jumping power I assume," said Bentley.

"That…is…so…cool!" Ratchet had the urge to jump but instead he calmly asked, "Who's idea was it to get the costume? I didn't even tell anyone about it."

"It was me…" Ratchet instantly had Sly in a bear hug.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Ratchet quickly shouted.

"You're welcome," Sly managed to get out. Ratchet had quite a grip on Sly and it took Murray to get her off him. He actually sweated trying to pry her off. Sly dusted himself off and smiled.

"Glad you like it."

Sly exited the hideout and so did Ratchet. Bentley and Murray stayed behind till they were needed. Sly used his cane to climb the rail to the rooftop. Ratchet gaped at the height He had to climb. With some curiosity about his new costume, Ratchet grabbed the same rail Sly did and attempted to scale it. To his amazement, He was able to ascend with ease. He got to the rooftop and spotted Sly with his binocucom out. He crept around beneath Sly's view and jumped up in front of his binocucom.

"Ha!" He shouted. Sly then let out a yelp. Ratchet had caught Sly by surprise. His scream made Bentley scream and Bentley's scream made Murray scream. Ratchet heard multiple screams from the binocucom. He burst out into a string of laughs as Sly fell on his side. Ratchet laughed so hard that He turned red and fell to the ground.

"Ha… I…I got you! I got the Master Thief! Ha, ha!" Ratchet kept laughing and was turning a slight blue. "Can't breathe…Sides hurt…can't stop laughing!" Ratchet kicked his legs into the air, still laughing. Sly got up with a little help from his cane.

"That wasn't funny!" came Bentley's voice from the binocucom.

"I'm…I'm sorry Bentley and Murray. I only meant to surprise Sly," said Ratchet, calming down.

"Come on Ratchet, we need to do recon for Bentley," said Ratchet. Sly ran on ahead, jumping to the next roof. Ratchet followed behind but stopped short at the ledge. He could hardly see it in the dark and almost fell. Ratchet straightened himself out and looked down. He could break a leg if he missed the next roof and the resulting scream would attract the guards. That would be a bad thing since the guards would most likely kill him. Ratchet quavered with dread and gulped. He took a few steps back and did a running start before he jumped.

Time seemed to slowdown as Ratchet made the jump. A warthog guard marched underneath him and stopped to sniff. The adjacent rooftop got closer and closer as Ratchet plummeted downward. I'm actually gonna make it! Ratchet saw the rooftop's edge beneath him. Sly was waiting, twirling his cane with one hand below. All of a sudden, the roof was at Ratchet's eye level and there was no car below him. Ratchet cringed and shut his eyes, waiting for the inevitable impact of the cement to break his bones. But it didn't come. Ratchet opened one eye and looked down. The guard had moved on. He opened his other eye and looked up. Sly had grabbed his right arm and hand before he fell. Time resumed its normal flow as he pulled Ratchet up to the rooftop.

"Maybe you should come back to the hideout," Bentley said through the binocucom. Ratchet got up and caught his breath.

"No. I hate giving up. I'll keep going," said Ratchet. He walked forward and hit another roadblock. Oh man!

"Great, the Rail Walk," Sly walked up to Ratchet and he continued, "The gun slinging Tennessee Kid Cooper's specialty was the Rail Walk and the Rail Slide. Moves perfected through a lifetime of thefts in the old west."

"Now how would you know that?" Sly asked him, raising an eyebrow and smirking.

"I read the Thievius Raccoonus," answered Ratchet. He knows I read it, the sneaky raccoonus. ...So, why didn't he stop me? Sly gave another inquiry,

"Do you know how to perform it?" Oh… Tough question.

"No, I don't," said Ratchet. He hung his head low, embarrassed that He knew the move in his world but not in Sly's. The Master Thief ambled over to the rope.

"Let me show you," he said. Sly grabbed Ratchet's left hand and jumped up to perform the Rail Walk. He spun around once, made Ratchet a little dizzy, and landed on the rope. Ratchet also landed on it but not as graceful and lost balance. Sly caught him and helped him balance by placing his arm around his back. He held him steady by placing his right hand around his right side.

After a few moments of losing balance, Sly slowly let go of Ratchet. He wobbled a bit and finally was able to stand on the rope without any help.

"Now try to walk across the rope," said Sly. Ratchet put one foot forward and managed to not fall off the rope. He kept walking forward faster and faster until he was running across the rope.

"I know how to Rail Walk! I actually know it!" Ratchet half-shouted. He ran to the other end of the rope and met up with Sly.

"Thanks Sly," he said.

"Sly! Get a move on! We have to sabotage those satellites!" Bentley was anxious as he communicated to Sly.

"Don't worry Bentley, we'll get to it," said Sly. Ratchet and Sly raced off across the bridge connecting one roof to another. Sly looked through his binocucom and stared at the satellite on the water tower. It amazed Ratchet that he did not even touch a holographic marker, though he knew that it was different from the game and Sly already knew what he had to do. Sly took a running jump towards the pipe on the side of the water tower and grabbed it with his cane near the halfway point. Ratchet decided to take it easy and laid down on the roof across from the water tower and gazed at the stars. An incredibly bright light zoomed overhead, completely blocking out the stars from Ratchet view. Sly leapt from above and proceeded to the next satellite. It's amazing how no one notices the beam of light right above them. Might as well get to the wine cellar for Breaking and Entering. Ratchet got up and ran from rooftop to rooftop, but there was a problem.

"Where do I go again? Darn it! I guess I'll just have to follow Sly." Ratchet quickly found Sly as he sabotaged the last satellite. Before he could ask him where the next job was to take place, Sly was on the move again. Ratchet just followed him, since he forgot where the next mission was.

Ratchet and Sly reached the wine cellar and met up with Murray. Ratchet walked a few steps further than Sly and leered at the rats. His cat costume's tail swung furiously. She filtered out Murray and Sly voices and flashed his claws. Sly heard his costume's claws come out and looked at them.


"Let me at 'em,"He growled, "I love mindless destruction and this will be the first time I ever take on a guard." Murray put his hands on Ratchet's shoulders and shook him a bit. With his strength, it had to be a bit

"What?" He asked him.

"No claws," said Sly.



"Then what's my weapon going to be?" Sly looked around and headed over to a barrel then came back with a piece of metal.

"An omniwrench? ...Okay," said Ratchet. He took his new weapon and ran in with Sly and Murray to fight the rats. Ratchet was the first one to strike and whacked the rat in the shin. The rat howled in pain and Ratchet finished it off with an overhead whack.

"Way too easy. Yet, I feel a little sorry for him." More rats came into the room. One of them, he noticed, had a flamethrower, one had a baseball bat, and one had a mace. Ratchet eyes widened,

"I take it back." Murray took the one with the bat, Sly took the one with the flamethrower, and Ratchet took the one with mace. Murray easily took out the guard with a few punches. Sly jumped up to avoid the flame and thwacked the rat. But Ratchet was having a little problem. The rat he was dealing with kept swinging the mace and Ratchet couldn't get close so did something simple.

"Look! Money!" Ratchet pointed to Murray who was behind the rat. The rat turned and got a double whammy of Murray's punch to the stomach and Ratchet's Omniwrench to its head.

"Don't mess with Ratchet," he said. Murray, Sly, and Ratchet walked over the rat bodies to the closed off fence. Murray lifted the gate switch up with ease. Sly double jumped over the fence, leaving Ratchet behind…but not for long. Ratchet took a running leap and vaulted over the gate by placing his hands on the rail and jumping over.

"Leapfrog never had a purpose till now," he chuckled. He ceased once he saw what was ahead.

"Lasers. It just had to be lasers," said Ratchet. Sly sauntered over to the lasers and waited. Ratchet followed his lead and when there was an opening, the two ran through the brief aperture. Ratchet looked on a head to see lasers…lots of them.

"A barrier of lasers passing over a table that can make for a tight fit to get past security," stated Ratchet, "The answer's obvious." While Sly was receiving information on how to get past the lasers, Ratchet dropped down to the ground and crawled under the long table. Sly repeated Ratchet's actions and joined him on the other side. And it goes on and on like this for a while. Ratchet and Sly came across a flashlight guard and several long tables and snuck past the oaf by crawling under the tables. They then came to another guard and passed him with the "Table Maneuver," as Ratchet called it. Then came the tricky part. Sly and Ratchet had to pass some lasers then Sly would have to take out a flashlight guard. Ratchet stayed behind as Sly took him out, then he moved on. The two crawled through a vent and, that's right, came across more guards.

"Omni's ready, Sly!" Ratchet pulled out his faithful omniwrench, now dubbed 'Omni.'

"You think you can pull off the stealth move?" Sly asked him. Ratchet's eyes widened. If he failed, guard city. If he succeeded, guard city. But he had Sly with him. He had backup. Ratchet waited as a rat came by, then he snuck behind it. Ratchet put all his strength into Omni and lifted the rat into the air, barely. Ratchet hooked Omni into the rat's belt and slammed him down on the ground. The rat didn't move. I did it! Ratchet was about to strike a pose when he remembered the other four rats.

"Cripes." Ratchet and Sly teamed up on each rat. Ratchet would do an Overhead Slam and Sly would whack them with his cane. When all the rats were knocked out, Ratchet went up to the piano and started to play a few notes to a simple song.

"Knock it off Ratchet," said Sly.

"I can't help it! I love to play it." Ratchet wound up Omni and struck the closed vent, opening it.

"Come on Sly," said Ratchet. He crawled through the vent followed by Sly.

Sly and Ratchet emerged in the Counterfeit Room. Ratchet spotted a piece of broken metal on the ground and grabbed it. He started to carve things into the Omniwrench like: 'Omni's Gonna Kick Your Butt,' 'R,' and 'Don't mess with me.' He watched as Sly brought out his binocucom and took photos of the room. Ratchet put the scrap metal away and stared at Dimitri. He was ugly with a capital "U." Trash looked better than him. Ratchet's eyes twitched as the lounge lizard walked along the catwalk. Sly took the final picture and said,

"Come on. We've got to go back to the hideout."

"Nah. I'll catch up to you later," he said. Ratchet watched Sly leave via air vent and got out his trusty friend Omni. Ratchet paused and waited as Dimitri turned around then threw Omni. Ratchet kept his eye on the crowbar as it hit the back of Dimitri's head, made him dizzy and fall off the catwalk, bounced off, hit the machine which made it stall, hit several sides of the wall, and landed back in his hand.

"Don't mess with Ratchet!" Ratchet shouted in a deep voice. He quickly escaped through the air vent before Dimitri got a glimpse of him. When Ratchet got to the other side, he looked at his watch.

"Time for the Contest." he ran off to enter.

Dimitri got up a bit stunned and looked on the side of the machine Omni had hit. In fact, the crowbar hit the counterfeiting machine so hard that it left an impression of the words that were on it. Dimitri read it backwards.

"R? What spaz is declared as R? You spaz! I'll mess you up spaz!" Dimitri glanced at his digital watch. 9:53 P.M. The competition was about to begin.

"Time is scat," Dimitri muttered and he walked off towards his nightclub.
Chapter four has come to a close! I bite at action scenes. Sorry if was a little boring with Ratchet learning the Rail Walk, but again I didn't want any plot holes and have him suddenly learn something without any explanation. And yes, Dimitri's lingo was supposed to be messed up. He hasn't learned to 'swing the bat' when it comes to grammar. As I have said before, there will be no Sly/Ratchet, Murray/Ratchet, or Bentley/Ratchet. They are just really good friends and that is all. I don't know if I can stress that enough. And there is a power up for Sly to speed up (not slowdown) time; you just have to find it. Please review! Flames will be ignored and used for lighting Neyla's butt on fire!

Ratchet's outfit: black shirt and dark blue sweats. Alternate: red shirt with blue emerald in the center and blue denim jeans.

His cat costume: looks like an orange-striped house cat with first set of above clothing.
Life can surprise you sometimes

By the way, the preview picture is a screenshot i took of my legend of zelda gba game
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